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Eddie and I joined a local grocery service called Yellow Bird last year. Basically, they source out vegetables, meats, grains, and many other grocery store items from local farmers. There have been many benefits to this for us. First, we are presented with things that challenge us like Napa Cabbage, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Daikon Radishes, and turnips. Things that never made our lists before when we were Kroger shoppers. The fact that it’s local means that it supports Ohio farmers. The food doesn’t go through carbon expensive supply chains and, most importantly, is not a part of factory farming practices so popular these days.

One of Eddie’s friends lent us a book called cooking by the seasons decades ago. Ted. He had an incredible palette, sharp sense of humor, an amazing collection of cigarette butt filled coffee cans. The large ones. I think of him most in the months of January and February. It’s in these two months, Winter, that I really feel the urge to retreat into myself and do a fair amount of reflection.

More evidence of that includes some work on my hiking and camping gear inventory. I picked up a new water filter, a foldable saw, some new camp sandals and a new two-person tent for buddy hiking. I need to work on getting some convertible shorts, a winter sleep sack for next year and a GPS device (not so much for this year but for the longer hikes I aspire to in 2020). That and some audio/video gear for creating trail vlogs.

But it’s March. My outdoor trips are going to start back up again. Work has been amazing. And there’s Napa cabbage to roast.

Napa Cabbage
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