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“Whisker fatigue?”

It’s a well established fact that cats fuel the internet. Without them there would be no soul or purpose to our collective online experience.¬†Given that I’ve had two sets of cats over the past three decades, I was surprised to learn something new about these amazing little serial killers and inter-species facial hair.

I’ve always lived in an urban area and felt like cats were a great compromise over dogs as they can stay mostly indoors, are relatively independent and when trained well, are pretty good home companions. Funny thing though while reading the rest of the Sunday Times this morning though was coming across an article about “Whisker Fatigue.” A condition that manifests by the continual over-stimulation of a cat’s whiskers. With all my cat wisdom I have to admit I didn’t know they functioned like antenna for all the things they can pick up from these special types of hairs. Such as air displacement, distance to objects, predators and prey. After reading that I was grateful that beard hair was not similarly aware of the world around it… that would be torture.

The article goes on to recommend some brands of food and water bowls that can be found on Amazon. Laughing at myself, I’ve usually fed my cats from old China sets or 1940’s cocktail glasses. Little did I know that this could have been a little easier for my little furry companions.

Here’s to something you learn everyday.



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