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What Doesn’t Kill Us

Last updated on October 16, 2019

I heard about this book sometime last year, so I finally picked up a copy. “What Doesn’t Kill Us,” by Scott Carney. It’s all about his research and experience with the Wim Hoff method. Basically, exposing yourself, literally, to cold temperatures, breathing, and meditation techniques that enable you to do all sorts of things better. While I don’t see myself hiking up a mountain naked in the snow anytime soon, the whole cold shower thing has been an interesting thing to experience. After about a month of it, I find that one of those a couple of hours before bed does kind of get me in the mood to hunker down for the night. And while I am actively working on my sleep routine, from several angles, I am closing in on the 8 hour mark now on a regular basis according to my Garmin watch, I can’t help but think some of the principals covered in Carrey’s book actually would have an impact on men’s overall health.

A central point made is the topic of brown fat or adipose fat. Baby fat to the rest of us. Evidently the theory is that by exposing the body to extreme conditions this activates adipose fat in such a way that it creates warmth and burns calories in a more favorable way. Of course, the breathing exercises intended to induce hyperventilation are a little too extreme for me, but I am a huge fan of both breathing exercises in general and meditation. So, it fits within my zip code regimen wise.

In general, I think some of the methods are worth looking into if not actually kind of fun. But as with everything health-wise, everybody is different and ultimately makes a set of informed personal choices. For me, it all boils down to listening to your body. Understanding what it’s saying and reacting in a way that supports overall health instead of working against it. That and, well, having fun in the process.

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