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Waste not; what I did with a bunch of grapes

I’ve been in the mind to reduce food waste for some time now. It was not until the pandemic, and how all of my habits changed, that I’ve actually gotten kind of good at it.

We still belong to a weekly farm share called Yellowbird Food Shed, it’s great as it helps out local farmers, keeps fresh stuff in our fridge and the seasonal nature of farm grown food is, in my opinion, a healthier way to live. So, I had a bunch of Ohio grown grapes that had seeds. They were fun to snack on but the seeds and the tartness encouraged me to Google how to use these kinds of fruits. I was low on jam, and I still enjoy a peanut butter sandwhich now and then, so I picked out this recipe and adjusted to what I had.

Easy to make wild grape jam,” from We Are Not Foodies

When I had cleaned my grapes and de stemmed them I threw them in a pot with a cup and a fourth of filtered water. Brought that to a boil until the grapes fell apart. Let it cool and then strained the grape pulp through a collander and a cheesecloth. Cheese cloth is amazing. You can wring it tight and it force releases the contents you want while trapping the rest.

After that I returned the juice mix, about 2 cups worth in my case, mixed in 3 table spoons of clear gel, I got that from a farm up in Portland Oregon last time I was visiting Doug. Boiled that for about, I dunno, maybe 5 minutes until smooth.

Sugar. I don’t like to use a lot of this stuff, so I cut the amount down as the recipe above called for 7 cups of sugar for every 5 cups of grape mix. I used about three fouths of a cup and the juice of one lemon. The result was pretty damn good.

Here’s to not throwing food away. Making our own jam. And, of course, great peanut butter sandwhiches with a hint of summer in the coming months.

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