The space between Friday & the weekend

Its pizza night on a rainy Friday Ohio evening. I love going to Dante’s Pizza in Clintonville where Eddie and I used to live in the late part of the 2000’s. It’s a family run hole in the wall with, arguably, the best pizza in town. And even though I limit the amount of cheese I eat to once on a very rare occasion and then only in small amounts I still get a flavor of what I used to order.

I love this hour. The moment in between Friday and the weekend. When you start to realize that you have a 5k to run for a local no kill shelter in the early morning. A long tattoo session in the afternoon. Dinner and relaxation in the evening with your spouse. Brunch with an old colleague and his partner on Sunday and then dinner with your best friend who is visiting from Portland Oregon to check in on his aging parents.

While writing this I’m spending that pre weekend transition moment waiting for a friend at a new coffee shop for me on Long St. I’m reminded of what an awesome City Columbus, Ohio has become. Every moment I can I pause and acknowledge this lately. Feeling mostly grateful for the opportunity to be where I am, doing the things I do with the people I love. I think that’s living well. It’s all I could ever ask for really.

So on to the weekend!

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