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Cooking with Millet

I signed up for a local farmer-based grocery service called Yellow Bird last year. I like the idea that the products I get are not a result of factory farming, don’t contribute to global warming like things that go through

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Two books & a tray of muffins

I’ve been reading a couple new books in keeping with my goals of learning everything I can about heart health. One is “My Beef with Meat” by Rip Esselstyn and the other is “Prevent a Second Heart Attack” by Janet

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Maple Syrup Recovery Drinks and Courage to Change

This post is dedicated to my team at Grant Heart Health Center and the folks who have encouraged and inspired me to run… and of course Eddie. “Go Forth and Have no Fear” I’ve been catching up on magazines  today.

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Italian Vegetable Stew (Ciambotta)

My trip to the Clintonville Farmer’s Market last weekend included a 20 mile round trip bike ride. Lunch with an old colleague and her daughter. A stop at the Public Library and a great haul of veggies for the week.

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Black Bean Burgers with Chipotle Ketchup

I’m on a mission to align more closely with a meatless diet these days. Of course it’s Summer and there are moments when you just have to have a home made burger. Using a recipe from The Kitchn I made

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Green Soup with a Southern Flair

I’ve been going to the Clintonville Farmers Market for about a month now. Every week seeing something new as Spring eases into the beginnings of Summer in Ohio. Starting of course with a bumper crop of asparagus now giving way

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Radicchio, beet and onion with whole grain mustard

My adventure with beets started in Texas. That’s where I began exploring greens, beets and goat cheese together. This dish boasts a lot of powerful flavors, and health benefits, while at the same time providing these subtle hints of earth

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Asparagus-Potato Soup with Roasted Beet & Cucumber Salad

One of the many benefits Spring boasts has to include asparagus. The fresh green flavor and slightly crunchy snap of it in your mouth is something you think about now and then during the darker months of Autumn & Winter.

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My Daily Bread

Again no cookies… need to tackle the chocolate next. Hoping the blanched green beans in lemon and olive oil will help with that craving. Name Type Quantity Units Calories Egg, Large Breakfast 1 Each 72 Coffee, Decaf, Brewed Breakfast 32

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Seared Breakfast Asparagus

This serves as a footnote to my earlier post on Heart Healthy Omelette’s. Since it’s Spring and thus asparagus season I’ve been cooking with that particular vegetable daily. I’m really digging putting a little olive oil in the pan with

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