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Summer tunes

Summer is here. I don’t know what it is but for the past four years, it’s been my season to sort of celebrate being alive. It started about four years ago really, I was doing half marathons, was the best man in my best friends wedding after which we climbed Mt Hood, and a couple of other places, in addition to wading through a waterfall. “Beginnings” by Chicago was on my repeat list that summer.

I think summer is a really easy place to find your bliss. There are certain songs that also take me back to these seasons as well. “Shambala” by Three Dog Night reminds me of camping for the first time two years ago. Then there’s “Empty Pages” by Traffic which reminds me of a campfire conversation and an evening I spent with an author in the woods one night. And this summer, I think I just discovered the next summer song. “With Your Love” by Jefferson Starship. Makes me want to be rolling off of a hiking trail, strip down and jump in the lake actually. Waves like gratitude for this thing called life and all the internal and external struggles all of us face as a result of passing each day by being present.

Summer songs, while suffering from the trite more often than not, remind me of the joy that we can create by just allowing things to happen and simply participate. They serve as reminders to live, love and be happy.

I am spending this weekend home for once to go to the Arts fest with my husband and our really good friend Lisa, visit with a friend tomorrow and catch-up, make a call to family and just kind of relax a bit I suppose. Next weekend however, it’s back outdoors with any luck. Here’s hoping everyone is in the same mood as me right now, because it’s pretty damn good.

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