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Summer Sundays

Last updated on June 16, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I spend my energy lately. How and where I plug into the throbbing noise that are the billions of data points generated seemingly per minute on the digital landscape. In fact a colleague of mine were talking about what we used to call work life balance back in the early part of last decade. I told him about my decision not to put corporate email or chat tools on my smartphone. That I was the kind of person that needed this separation. To be honest though, it’s probably that I know I’d fail at turning it off and instead always being on and ready to respond. I did some thinking over the weekend too about social media. I turned it all off for once. I have to say, it’s been nice. And while I can’t say that I’ll leave it off, I think it’s given me a moment to myself that I sorely needed.

In fact it was this morning when I came across an article in the Sunday New York Times titled “Prozac Nation Is Now the United States of Xanax” by Alex Williams. The author makes several cross decade/century and generational observations that made me think about my own relationship with anxiety as a disorder. What’s interesting though is that he likens it to a shared experience. A social condition rather than merely bounded by our own tiny individual mental/emotional universes. It made me think back on the past few social media free days and think that maybe he’s right. Are we whipping each other into such a frenzy that even the folks who don’t struggle with anxiety and the physiological responses baked into our genetics are getting some sort of weird emotional tan from the exposure to all the static radiation?

So I did something for myself. I went outside and picked some of the lavender that Eddie is growing this year in our urban garden. Just for me.


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  1. Andrea Andrea

    It is interesting that your post found me today. Had a heart attack in October and now I am battling anxiety and a bit of depression. I took Facebook off of my phone today. I had enough. I am struggling with the fact of not getting invites from people to go out to lunch/ family functions etc because of my heart attack and recovery and change of lifestyle. I think I need to continue to focus on me and to find people that are genuine and supportive. There are strange after effects of an illness. Today was a very dark day. Just a side note,I planted lavender last week in the garden. Maybe everything will be alright?

    • Andrea,

      Glad you found this helpful. I saw something early on during my struggle with cardiac anxiety. “Stop worrying about what could go wrong and focus on what might go right.” It’s just a meme but it became a tool I used frequently to weed out the not so helpful thoughts and patterns. Best of luck to you and thanks for the comment.


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