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Summer reading list

Eddie and I have been thinking about spending more time together. Not like our daily make dinner, watch a good film, or bustle around together in the morning on the way to work kind of stuff. But canoeing, grabbing a cabin in the woods, take a clay throwing class, and now, sharing a summer reading list together. Once we get through this set of volumes, I think he wants to delve into 1950’s era counter culture if I remember right from last night.

The main set are from an article by Ta-Nehisi Coates titled “Five books to make you less stupid about the Civil War.” The volume on Thoreau is a little character research before I get his bust and a phrase by him tattooed on my leg. Then the other three are things I picked up along the route of just browsing.

28 years together is a long time by any measure. Keeping things interesting and the conversation flowing is our goal though. And, books are cool!

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