Summer 2015

It was Saturday morning. I was enjoying my decaf pour over coffee at home. And while my cats napped I was reading the news papers I fell behind on from the previous week. An artcile titled “The Summer that Never Was” by Tim Kreider stuck with me. He speaks about Summers and how we spend them … and of possibilities both lost and realized. His closing line is what gave me the inspiration to collect a giant lump of photos I took spanning June through August.

“I have this idea that if I could do this, time might hold still for a second, and I would know, for just a moment, what it feels like to be here.”

Looking back at the past three months as a collection of images I’ve had the chance to realize what it’s like to be, well, here. It’s a mix of cooking, work, humility, friendship, courage, physical exertion, excitement, satisfaction, struggle, love, teamwork, personal challenge, fear and exhilaration all mixed up into the cocktail most of us call Summer.

I’m so lucky to have all of this that at times my breath will hitch on the sheer joy of being here. Newly wed, with friends and family all around me to share everything with makes the idea of “now” so much more poignant. I would not have spent any bit of this Summer differently.

In the soft netting of memory… time does hold still and everything is golden.

[For those interested the info button exposes descriptions for each picture providing some context for each slide.]

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  1. Nick says:

    Very nice post- bravo

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