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SPS document attributes

Last updated on January 12, 2014

This is part of a small stress testing project I wrote to test a user interface I built using a Content Query Web Part, a little jQuery and some XSL. The idea was to generate a couple 1000 documents that have workflows on item creation. The content rollup displays documents that have custom meta data flags for a collection of subsites that represent a team.

Anyway, this Power Point slide shows how I pass a String List, that contains the location of the generated documents, to the method that streams them into SharePoint. This could easily be a recursive method that scans entire network drives, cleans up the file names, and then zaps them into SharePoint as part of a data migration initiative. In the real world you’d probably deal with situations like checkout required and some item columns being list lookups which I cover in the slide below.

Link to the single slide powerPoint

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