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Scallops and the Smoky Mountain

I’m really in love with fish these days. There are so many different types to choose from. Scallops for instance. Some guy at Central Market spent some time at the fish counter where he taught me how to cook those things. Before that lesson, I used to overcook them into a tough chewy joyless experience. But since his guidance, they have come out right every time. I don’t use butter but every once or twice a year, saving that for the moments where we want cookies or something decadent, but rare. More often then not I poach them. High heat and short duration is the key. Like 8 minutes tops length.

Tonight I cooked up a pot of Ohio grown Spelt berries, greens, broccoli, and onions then served everything up together. The chewy nutty flavor of the Spelt complimented the delicate lemony flavor of the scallops in contrast with the deep rich flavors of the green stuff. Really great way to end a day with something lightweight and heart-healthy but satisfying.

My next challenge is going to be to cook a whole fish. Possibly a Bronzini as that’s one of the fish I’ve been enjoying lately in various restaurants around town. That and I want to learn how to cook and serve a whole fish at some point.

Looking ahead, it’s time to start doing the research for the Smoky mountain trip I suppose. I got the specs from the organizer as follows.

  • Day one, meet at Jake’s Creek Trail-head and hike from Tremont to Spence (8.1 miles)
  • Day two, hike from Spence to Double Spring (14 miles)
  • Day three, hike from Double Spring to Elkmont (11.1 miles)

While reading my copy of “Great Smoky Mountains National Park” by Jason Frye this hike out to cabin experience kind of peaked my interest for 2020. I like the sound of no showers except for a bucket in your cabin with water to wash off with. Breakfast and dinner served in a non-electric, gas lamp-lit, difficult to get to set up with non-airtight cabins. Just enough comfort to give you a break from the AT style shelters. Yeah, that totally sounds amazing to me actually.

It’s always good to find new things to check out when you let yourself explore different possibilities every now and then. Be it fish or new outdoor activities like the cabins or, soon, kayaking and a triathlon plan for myself.

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