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Return to the Dolly Sods

I’ve been stuck at home for 11 weeks now. Rarely going out. Working remotely. Getting to know the ins and outs of delivery service here. After my last post, and my reason for returning to this blog, Twitter, and Instagram, I decided that my first backpacking trip will be out to The Dolly Sods again. I was lucky enough to go with a friend last Fall and really loved the area. While I plan to stay off the Dobbin Grade trail, I know my chances of it being wet are going to be high so I may break out my hiking boots versus the trail runners. I’m also looking forward to using all my new ultralight Zpacks gear for the first time as I picked that gear up for 2020 back in January. Another fun thing about this trip will be using my compass for the first time in conjunction with a map.

Some shots of what the area looks like where I will be hiking solo and practicing social distancing in the meantime. Regardless, it’s time to get out there. Clear my head and start moving again.

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