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Recalibration on a Monday

I packed my Smoky Mountains hiking guide in my backpack today just before biking to work today. I’m getting really excited about visiting this place on one of two planned trips for the year. The first time on a three day hiking trip with my buddies from the Central Kentucky Backpackers meetup group. It’s good to have people on the trail more experienced than yourself I’m finding. That and, well, they are really cool people to share stories with. Even if I am the oldest one in the bunch. More on that soon as the trip is scheduled for the weekend of the 19th. Here’s to AT style backcountry shelters. And ear plugs.

After work closed, however, I was back out on the bike and headed home for a nap before a drawing class that I enrolled in. The dinner I made was exactly what I enjoy. Sauteed Swiss Chard, a nice piece of salmon and some avocado toasts. Kind of perfect.

The first class session was humbling. I suck at drawing. But that’s why I’m there I suppose. I want to be able to do more than write about hikes or record sounds. I’d like to imagine a situation where either at the end, the beginning or during I kick off my boots, sit down with a trail journal and a pencil and capture the moment in a way that a cell phone can’t That’s my motivation for trying to learn how to draw one more time.

On the Nick front. I failed. I think my talk with mom and dad over the weekend helped me to realize that this is not the place I should be. At all. I just can’t be as present as he needs. So my solution has been to contact two of his friends, one of them another financial POA toward transitioning billing back to him as I believe he’s capable of handling since most of it’s automated. All except the arcane and mysterious Medicare bullshit. He was a State worker so he has no Social Security. It’s all handled differently through OPERS than for most folks where he has to file reimbursement forms that can’t be automated. Then there are the huge medical bills that, while he can afford, it’s been hard for me to touch base on and, frankly, stresses me out because I know this is not my strong suit. It’s one of those moments when I tell myself that someone is better off without me. Tough choices. I’m gonna do what I can but I know my limits.

Time will tell on all points. Next up for tomorrow? Back to the gym for the first time in over a month. Time to get back to being responsible.

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