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Purple kale omelet with turkey sausage

My Doctor was the one who told me that one egg yolk a day does not have a significant impact on cholesterol levels. With my total cholesterol now under 100, I thank guides like him for re-opening my culinary options.

With summer in full force, we have a ton of greens and seasonal vegetables. I needed to rotate the purple kale. It was still fresh and beautiful however it’s in a line of greens that I am going to be challenged to consume over the next week. So today I chopped it all up, shredded some lower fat Swiss cheese, cooked up a lean turkey patty and whisked up three eggs (one egg yolk) and made an omelet for breakfast.

The trick with these is the heat of your pan. I use these pans by Greenpan which do a really good job of heat distribution so I spray the pan with nonstick spray (less oil) and crank up the dial to 7 or medium high. Let that come to temp for a couple of minutes, whisk the eggs and pour into the pan. You should hear a soft crackle when the liquid hits the pan.

When the sides start to separate from the wall of the pan you can gently shake the pan until it comes loose at which point you can flip it. Put the greens, turkey, and cheese in a huge pile to one side then fold the other half of the egg over top and gently smoosh.

I like to serve mine with a kick, it’s why I have several types of hot sauces always on hand.

And that’s a simple less bad for you breakfast idea that focuses heavily on greens.

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