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Pre & Post Columbus 10k Notes


It’s a beautiful Sunday morning here in central Ohio. While getting ready for the Columbus 10k and enjoying coffee with the balcony doors wide open I am watching my kitten chirp at the birds like cats do, no doubt, in order to lure them into false trust whereupon they would be ripped into tiny piles of meat with feathers everywhere.

I’m thinking of how lucky I am to be doing what I am about to do. Run. In a race. Of course my goal still remains one of completion and not of breaking any time records or doing a PR of any kind. I’m really just there to be there for the community aspect. The reminder that I have a chronic condition and that exercise, diet, right mind and open heart are the tools I wield to slow the progression of the condition.

After battling both depression and upper respiratory infections over the winter and spring I look at today like the start of the summer running season for me. I always enjoy taking a run in the early morning during the week and longer ones on the weekends in the sun and burning heat. It makes you feel so alive.


I’m impressed with how strong I feel and kind of dancing to the music in my head while running with my arms and fingers. So many young kids doing great jobs! I really want to take my shirt off but my tattoo artist would give me stink eye when he saw the sun damage to the piece he’s building out on my back. Totally grateful to all the race volunteers. OK, this is getting tough with all these inclines but it still feels good. Wow this feels really good. I’m here today and that’s enough. So proud of my niece. Just heard there were over 1000 people in this race today … wow. That’s a lot of happy.


I ended up making a second best effort which is really amazing given the challenges I mentioned earlier. I had an opportunity to run with my niece and her speedy friend and hang out with my niece’s boyfriend. Saw a guy run his first race ever who happens to be a co-worker of mine with his friend in support tow – which was awesome. The race itself was totally energizing in the way only races are. It’s all about the mutual support and joy of simply being there.

The day rolled into laziness and food comas while Eddie and I switched gears and lazed around watching several movies on the sofas with the cats. All in all it was the perfect early June Sunday. Complete with surprise summer rain storm and vegan hot dogs.

Here’s to summer 2017. May it be one for the books.


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