On being a digital immigrant & choices

I parted ways with Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter two months ago. An interesting set of changes happened after that.

“We are all digital immigrants. While the younger generations are true natives.” This is something that I heard last week in a meeting. Well, that’s sort of the point of this post I guess. Social media is an awesome tool and a great thing, and yes, I do belong to several digital social networks still; The American Heart Association Support Group and Linked In for two examples.

Yet, around the time of the Cambridge Analytica I started to think about my own use of social media. So, as the digital immigrant I am, I downloaded a phone app and tracked how many times I opened FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. The results really gave me pause. This is what I discovered as a result:

  • I am thinking less in terms of potential status updates and photos – which was weird to start with
  • I have more time
  • I feel less distracted
  • It takes more effort to stay plugged in with friends – like old school face to face
  • I don’t use my mobile phone for much except, interestingly enough, as a phone, GPS, calendar and for Spotify now
  • I feel more centered – which is sometimes terrifying without the distraction away from those thoughts
  • I almost deleted my blog but decided to keep that presence, for better or worse, after talking with my husband and some friends
  • I have more time to spend planning fun things for myself outdoors solo rather than keeping up on what everyone else is doing

In the end though, I think it’s about basic choices and commons sense. While I didn’t have negative feelings toward these tools, I made a choice to unclutter my daily workflow. Just a little. The end results have taught me more about myself than I expected. I feel like I rediscovered my voice in the process without casting the natives in a negative light. It’s a big world in constant flux between the old paving the way for the new in this endless spiral of renewal. That’s the beauty of culture I suppose.

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