Note to self

So this happened last Saturday. I opened the laundry closet door when the iron fell from 2 feet or so above me from the top of the stacked washer/dryer and hit me square on the lower sternum and left rib cage. Not an experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to be physically active the next week. Bruised ribs are an interesting, if not painful, sensation. That and the corresponding back pain, and range of motion limitation, from your body compensating in different ways. The other thing, of course in my case, was the weird anxiety it caused because the pain was off center in my chest which made me look up articles from the Cleveland Clinic about chest pain that won’t kill you, and those that will, and how to tell. Cardiac anxiety is such a weird thing to deal with when you have the condition.

In the end I’m really sore but I had a laugh at myself while not getting too bummed out about my botched running schedule this week after a super good one last week. The thing might have been a blessing in a weird way. I’ve been meditating this week with a renewed dedication toward calming my mind with more priority on being present. I guess we face the things we need to when life gives us little reminders to take the time to do so.

Live, learn, laugh and move the damn iron someplace else where it’s less prone to jump out at you!


One comment on “Note to self
  1. wilson says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I was searching for some articles on tightness in chest today and found your post.

    It was a great read.

    I noticed that you linked to great resources on spotting from cleveland clinic:

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I created a similar post on chest tightness that’s thorough and up to date.

    Might be worth a mention on your post.

    Either way, keep up the awesome work.

    Buoy Health

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