Not everything in nature has a function

My partner and I adopted a third, and final, cat over the Summer. This tiny little black and white animal named Arturo. It’s been fun to watch our other two Texas cats warm up to him accepting him into their respective territories within our little storefront loft above 3rd and Main St here in downtown Columbus.

Our months have been filled with the anecdotes of his development. Little behaviors like shadowing Monkey everywhere, chasing Helen down the hallway and then the toys. One in particular is an artifact from when Monkey was a kitten. Arturo will pick up this 2-foot-long plastic wand in his mouth as the feathery boa part trails behind him. Sometimes he charges the carpet with the wand part as if it were a lance. Other times he’ll bring it to one of us, drop it, then gently tap at our legs or arms wanting us to play with him and his toy. He gets so worked up chasing the feather boa that he actually snorts and pants while zooming around like a black streak of motion.

There is a quote by Garrison Keillor that goes like this “cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function.” I think we’d all do well to find those moments in our lives that just are and not worry about making every minute count. In that regard, cats have the unique power to not only power the internet but remind me to loosen my grip a little and just let things be.

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