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My first winter camping trip

It’s January in Ohio. Winter. The Holidays are over. Scrolling through Meetups recently lead me to a Chillicothe Backpackers Group. They were planning a winter hike overnight camping trip at Mohican State Forest. I thought, man, I haven’t been there since I was a kid.
40 Second Mohican River video
I got there and did the self-check-in stuff. Then drove around to have a look at the Covered Bridge and the Mohican River up close and personal for a bit. Everything surrounded by pines and CCC planted trees. It smelled and sounded like I remember from my teenage years.
After a little difficulty, I found the park and pack lot at a country path dead end. You hike past 9 to get to ten. The site was large and bi-level. All planned 20 of us could have occupied that space. We were up on an outcropping looking over the Mohican River. Again, one of my favorite sounds to sleep to is that of running water. Not sure if that is Hoh River memories or not there. Beautiful place. We all got a chance to meet one another, make some food and share a few late night campfire beverages. The best thing though was when one of the guys suggested we take a midnight hie out to the bald spot and look at stars.
The trail to the campsites
I got some good information from the folks. One of the guys suggested I do the EGGS Hike on Summer Solstice. From what I gather it’s a 20, 40, 60 and 80-mile option to do the Burr Oak and Tar Hollow loops. Sounds like fun.
It’s always interesting listening to campfire talk too. About the ridiculous, hard, emotional and life aspects of a person and how they choose to share while watching “caveman TV.” One guy having been married for 12 years. Another who was happily dating for 1 month. A woman who brought her German Shepard puppy, who was adorable, and another who worked for the Federal Govt. I watching two straight guys giving another straight guy relationship and dating advice. It was a positive statement about masculinity done right.
So yeah, a great first trip out doing a winter camping trip. Met some good people. Was fun and I’d definitely do it again.
Sunrise on the way back up the trail
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