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I’m using these food tally posts to provide a way to track the types of things I put on my plate toward the goal of a totally heart healthy lifestyle that is not sad, dull or otherwise flavorless. At the same time I’m hoping to keep as much of the gains I’ve made in the gym over the past half year and dial down the weight just a little (hence the calorie count). My calculated daily targets, based on weight age and height, are; 1922 to lose, 2402 to maintain and 2642 to gain. I’m trying to stay shy of the maintain but above the lose limit.

My hummus recipe is an adaptation of this less the salt while upping the garlic count to 5 cloves and adding 1 tbsp. of sriracha (so you reduce the total sodium there from roughly 1500 mg to 80 mg). Tastes good too.

Name Type Quantity Units Calories
Ezekiel 4:9, Bread, Sesame Breakfast 1 Slice 80
Oil, Olive, 12 Portion Breakfast 0.125 Each 11
Egg, Large Breakfast 1 Each 72
Egg Whites, Uncooked, Large Egg Breakfast 2 Each 32
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med Breakfast 1 Each 22
Tahini Breakfast 1 Teaspoon 30
Avocado Breakfast 0.333 Each 107
Coffee, Decaf, Brewed Breakfast 32 Fluid ounces 0
Turkey, Light Meat, Skinless, Cooked Dinner 4 Ounces 178
Homemade Hummus Dinner 3 Tablespoons 38
Cheese, Monterey Jack, Shredded Dinner 0.125 Cup 52
Spinach, Baby, Fresh Dinner 1 Cup 7
Tomatoes, Fresh, Med Dinner 0.5 Each 11
Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin Dinner 2 Teaspoons 80
Vinegar, Red Wine Dinner 1 Tablespoon 3
Oranges, Med, Fresh Dinner 0.25 Each 15
Homemade Focaccia Dinner 1 Each 190
Eddie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies Snacks 4 Servings 400
Gold Standard Whey Protein, Vanilla Snacks 1 Serving 130
Oats, Rolled, Old Fashioned Snacks 0.5 Cup 150
Juice, Tart Cherry, 100% Juice Snacks 3.125 Fluid Ounces 50
Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened Snacks 1.25 Cups 38
Blueberries Frozen Snacks 0.666 Cup 71
Peanut Butter, Creamy, Low Sod Snacks 2 Tablespoons 180
Chocolate, Dark Mint Snacks 2 Pieces 38
Tea, Decaf, Brewed w/ Tap Water Snacks 4 Cups 9
Tea, Herbal, Chamomile, Brewed Snacks 3 Cups 7
Honey, Light Snacks 2 Tablespoons 128
Total 2129
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