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Mirrors, Kerouac and memories

I started on a new client job working with .Net which is really great. I’ve been enjoying coding more and more lately while taking a break from architecture and more esoteric aspects of systems design.

The rain is coming down today in soft sheets while everyone has been up at the OSU stadium to participate in the football game. This time of year always reminds me of when I was in my very early 20’s, on campus, chasing classes, sitting out on the Oval during the day time and just taking in all the ambiance that is a college campus in one’s youth and awakening.

Oddly enough, I came across another reminder, albeit somber, of those years. I was working on a forestry degree. In love with the beat generation. Experimenting with this that and the other. I even used a quote from Jack Kerouac in a tech talk I did this week after work to a community group in fact. This piece in the New Yorker by Allen Ginsberg “Talking of Dead Jack” spoke to me loud and clear this afternoon. It’s the kind of remembrance of one’s generation and the people who you loved that just touches you down to the bones.

I spoke about friendships between gay and straight men this week to a group of mostly white tech guys. I was specifically giving a talk on career development and Azure Durable Functions. I explored that, while diversity is a topic that we have to work on in many areas, as a reference to another talk I am now collaborating on with a couple of women slated for 2020, that these amazing guys represent the realization of change. I witnessed it myself first hand that evening. I am, at least, 15 years older than the oldest ones in the audience. That slow path toward social change, in my opinion, is made more promising when guys like the ones who came out to hear me talk participate and support one another, and those around them, in ways that lower walls and provide opportunities to be vulnerable together. Hell, one of them even offered to go motorcycle riding with me. In another age, I’d be amazed, today? I’m just kind of grateful and filled with hope for future generations. Just as I had witnessed in hiking with some straight guys this summer who ended up giving me the boost I needed when I thought I was going to fail.

I guess Ginsburg’s piece, haha, he’d probably like that double entendre, filled me up with nostalgia, which seems par for the course today anyway. It’s so think in the air you can almost smell it. That’s just it though, I think fall brings with it a sort of mirror that lets you look deeply into the fabric of yourself across time and memory. Even though I love summer, fall is still one of my favorite seasons.

Allen Ginsberg with Jack Kerouac in San Francisco (1956)

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  1. Michael Michael

    “…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

    I think you are on a wondrous journey. I look forward to hearing of it when we next meet.

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