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Millet salad and radish snacks

I’m getting used to this whole “cooking by the calendar” thing thanks to our farm co-op service Yellow Bird.

And, as we actually had a spring this year here in Ohio, the local produce has been amazing. I made the last of the winter millet last night by sauteing some onions, kale then tossing in some peas, corn, celery and cucumbers. Since millet has a slightly nutty flavor, I used a little bit of low sodium soy sauce to give the dish a little bit of depth but you still get the full flavors of the vegetables.

And since we have a surplus of radishes, I’ve been making snack plates of sliced radish and Dijon mustard. I know, it’s not for everyone but it’s one of my favorite flavor combos (and the radishes pack a lot of Vitamin C).

For Thursday night I am thinking about sauteing the big bunch of broccoli leaves, some turkey sausage and asparagus to serve with whole grain pasta and a red sauce. Still, I keep banking on the time when we get summer tomatoes… that means low fat mayo and tomato sourdough sandwiches in my book!

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