So I’ve been taking some time to circle back to meditation, which I totally suck at unless it’s in a pair of running shoes. It’s the brain of an Aquarian. All scattered a few steps ahead and secretly hoping he doesn’t miss one of the immediate steps he’s not focused on in the moment. Amazing as running is… it’s not the same thing as a dedicated meditation practice so I’ve been trying to challenge myself a bit having bought a couple Stephen Levine books, some drawing pencils and a set of playing cards. All these devices are to train my brain to pattern a little differently than I normally run. I saw the following excerpt in a recent copy of The Sun magazine and it made me try to think of ways that I could re challenge myself to do some more of the work I’ve left unfinished… to date anyway that is.

“When we walk in the woods, do we see a flower, or do we think of ourselves as somebody walking in the woods and looking at a flower? They’re very different. We’re caught by the power of our self-consciousness, thinking about ourselves instead of letting go and stepping off into the unknown,” Stephen Levine from an interview with The Sun.


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