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Winter in Ohio. While it began abnormally warm, January has been true to form. Snow, clouds, gray and cold. I’ve spoken with a couple of guys I work with who happen to be runners about Winter. I was shaming myself up you see regarding my decrease in mileage from December “due to” Holiday engagements and January when the temperatures dipped. We talked about the treadmill and how freakishly light and fast you feel while skipping along inside a rubber loop while being subjected to a bank of bad TV in the cardio section of the local gym. It’s not a bad workout it’s just, well, not outdoors on the trail.

With Martin Luther King day coming up I heard some gospel song performed by Curtis Mayfield. “Keep on Pushing.” It was just the thing that I needed to hear after missing a half marathon this morning since my training has suffered a bit through  the long dark days of Winter.

Everyone of us are our own best coaches. It’s built into our inner voices. Mine barked at me today serving up a much needed pep talk. So I’m getting back to exploring vegetarian cooking,  keeping up with my swim classes and getting back outdoors after buying some cold running gear. While I don’t relish the idea of getting into the pool or suiting up in tights and a windbreaker at dusk to increase mileage slowly again by 10% every week… goals. Well that and the single lesson I carried with me from 2015; it’s all about the choices you make today.

Tonight’s goal is a vegan potato leek gratin adapted from my new favorite cookbook “The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone,” by Deborah Madison (page 248). I’m planing on pairing this with a mixed green salad and a good bottle of Italian Sangiovese.

I realized this weekend that you can choose to stop or keep on pushing.

Running at dusk in December January skies Potato, leeks & onions for dinner.

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  1. Jalex says:

    Sometimes, being able to relate to a struggle is a little inspiration. Thanks

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