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Kale & beet salad with white beans

We got some really great beets in our Yellow Bird box last week. A medium-sized red one and a giant golden beet. I had a couple bunches of kale and some fresh onions handy so I set to carmelize one of the yellow onions, I love how savory that smells when you cook up a pan of those until golden brown and sweet-smelling. I had baked off the beets earlier so they were already pretty cool. I then chopped up the kale and added that to the onions. Seasoned with a bit of Kosher salt and some ground black pepper. Waited until the greens were properly cooked then added the chopped up beets to the mix for a quick toss then added the white beans. Cooked for about 5 more minutes then removed from the heat and doused with the juice of half a fresh lemon. I find that the acid from the lemon offsets the earthiness of the beets making the dish light but flavor-forward and healthy way to celebrate both local produce and, well, summer!

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