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Kale and seafood stew

I’m a sucker for a good seafood stew. Once while in New York City with Eddie, I was excited to find so many iterations of this dish readily available. Well, we were out with our good friend Lisa recently and she talked about some cod she had and was tossing around some ideas for. It’s a light flaky but meaty fish which lends itself to so many different methods of preparation.

Tonight I Googled some recipes and came across this little basic number for “Fisherman’s Stew” off of, oddly enough, Good Housekeeping. I didn’t have all the ingredients they rolled with and one key extra one. I used a red onion instead of a yellow. Added a huge bunch of fresh Ohio Kale. Dropped in some oregano, thyme and copious amounts of red pepper flakes as I like a bit of heat in these things. I’ve always thought soups are better the next day but damn, this is pretty good already even without the celery and yellow pepper.

Here’s to lunches for the week while I finish off the est of last weeks millet dish.

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