Jaeger Run for Pride 2016

I had another opportunity to run with my cousin Chelssie this past Friday. It was a beautiful Friday night on the eve of the Pride March. We were treated to sunny summer weather with a nice breeze. While I don’t run for time I was pretty happy to be 6th in my age group and overall 71st of the 234 men and women who I ran with that night.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings last week one of the things I enjoyed most was the spirit of gratitude toward the police shown by nearly all the runners for keeping us safe. In retrospect this may have been one of my favorite runs to date.

Interval Time of Day Chip Time Chip Pace Gun Time Gun Pace
Start 7:00:27PM
Finish 7:27:53PM 00:27:26 08:50 min/mi 00:27:54 08:59 min/mi

Jaeger Run Jaeger Run Jaeger Run

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