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2015 was the year I discovered how much I enjoyed running. It was also a year that came with more than my share of lessons. One of them was that once Winter started to take hold of Central Ohio my motivation seemed to retreat with it. I kept up with my cardio workouts at the YMCA well enough but my progress definitely took a nose dive. So I signed up for a string of races all the way through Spring of next year in an effort to keep me running outdoors whatever the weather, within reason, confronts me with.

This past weekend I completed my first of these runs in Columbus. The Hot Chocolate 15k which I ran with my cousin last year. It was one of those very cold and windy Ohio mornings. I was however bundled up in thermal tights and 3 upper layers with gloves and ear muffs. I could still feel it but it was good motivation to keep moving to stay warm.


In the end I completed beating my last year’s finishing time feeling like I could have gone a little harder. But I was not spent afterwards either which was great because I had separate lunch and dinner plans. It bears repeating that my goal is not speed or anything. I just want to be there, to complete the races and improve if possible while enjoying every minute of the challenge and making good memories along the way.

Yesterday I did just that and it makes me excited for all the other races and training runs on my goals list for as long as I can do them.


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