Invincible Summer

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer,” Albert Camus

I know, first hand, that none of us are invincible. But I love the spirit of what Camus said. It reminds me of the reasoning that went on in my head to take on a bigger goal than I’ve faced to date. To run a full marathon in October 2016.

After a lot of thought, and a couple Dr. checkups, I decided to throw my running shoes into the mix with a group of other folks who I’ll be training with through summer/fall. And while the goal is to run my first full marathon it’s also to stretch my arms out further and open up to more new experiences. While I’m realistic about the outcome either way I’m already excited about the journey. Running has taught me to both relax and let go of day to day activities that cause us to build negative feedback and stress cycles. Meditation is also doing similar things. It’s the subtle state of mind shifts that come with these kinds of activities that make up a lifestyle and, can over time, remap your brain.

So I’m excited to be signed up for the Columbus Running Company’s running clinic and I’m following the beginner plan starting this Saturday. It’s going to be interesting running with a group every Saturday through summer and the beginning of fall. Given that I love sharing stories I’m looking forward to meeting new folks and hearing what motivates us in general.


What motivates me? Surviving and living well for starters. The folks I have the honor to call friends, family and co workers who fill my life would be right up there as well. Lastly, the ability to workout, read and meditate toward maintaining both a calm mind and healthy body.

So here is where the trek toward running 26.2 miles begins. Along with this I plan to further “veganize” my diet and, with any luck, go completely plant based.

4 comments on “Invincible Summer
  1. Jeff, I found your blog through the AHA posting. Congrats on all of your accomplishments after your heart attack. I am a 34 year old husband and father of two, and I recently was diagnosed with CAD. I’m a runner as well, and have started a blog at I will be following your blog. Best of luck in the marathon!

  2. Jeff Breece says:

    Sincere thanks for the comment and encouragement Mark. Your site looks like it has some great stories which I’m looking forward to reading. Keep up with your running!

  3. Jennifer in South Carolina says:

    Hey, Mark! I’m Polish-American, too, and also have CAD and a stent at a younger age — 46. Like Jeff, I also was working out and paying attention to my diet before all my heart woes were discovered. I’m grateful to meet others who are active and working on being better today and they were yesterday, so I’ll check your blog out, too. Happy to have some new online connections who “get” all of this! Jeff, see all the good your blog is doing? 🙂

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