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Hiking gear; my evolution

I will have been hiking again now for about 4 years this season. With that, my gear has gone through several iterations at this point.

During my first year, I selected things that were affordable and accessible without really understanding what I was getting. I called it my training wheels kit. Mainly to see if I’d even enjoy spending a night outdoors in the first place. As it happens, I loved it. So in 2018, after a series of hikes in the Ohio region, I took a leap and upgraded my kit to lighter and better gear mainly for a hike out in Washington through the Olympics with a friend of mine.

As time went by I started learning more about the UL school of thought. I really enjoyed how one author broke it down. Saying that a typical camper or hiker places a high value on the destination of camp. As opposed to the folks who go as light as possible for the destination of the trail while camp being a secondary objective, not the goal. Breaking that down further it means that some folks are already at their destination the minute they hop on the trail. I kind of liked that idea.

So for 2020 I’ve gone through another gear shuffle and ended up at my lightest weight so far. Now, sure, I take some luxury items with me like batteries, electronics, a fold-able saw and so on but I imagine my base-weight this year is probably going to beat my all-time high of 50 pounds, yeah, that happened and maybe zero in closer to 10 to 15 pounds.

So with that, here’s the basic inventory and my progression to where I am at today. Next up, some clothes, electronics, and miscellaneous item list outs to round out a few posts on the equipment side of hiking.

2017 2018 – 2019 2020
Sleep sack Coleman Sun Ridge 40 @ 4.3 lbs Big Agnes Thunderhead 30 SL @ 1.8 lbs
Big Agnes Upper Slide 20 SL @ 2.81 lbs
Zpacks 10F Full Zip @ 1.43 lbs
Pillow Teton Sports Camp Pillow @ .8 lbs Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow .017 lbs Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow .017 lbs
Tent Coleman Sundome 2p @ 7 lbs Kelty Gunnison 1P @ 4.81 lbs
REI Camp Dome 2 @ 5 lbs
Durstin Xmid 1P @ 1.75 lbs
Zpacks Duplex @ 1.21 lbs
Back pack Teton Sports Scout 3400 @ 4.5 lbs Osprey Talon 44 @ 2.04 lbs Zpacks Arc Haul Scout 50 L @ 1.33 lbs
Sleep pad Klymit Static V @ 1.13 lbs Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra @ 1.31 lbs Therma Rest Z Lite Sol UL @ .06 lbs
Total lbs 17.73 6.97 to 11.18 4.05
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  1. Tiger Tiger

    I’ve heard to avoid cotton clothing. It absorbs too much moisture and takes too long to dry. You’ve actually inspired me to seek out bushman style pants that can convert to shorts with reinforced knees & seat areas. I’ll be first to admit it’s unlikely I could survive hiking like you do, but gladly I’ll keep base camp with hot soup/coffee and a warm campfire ready for your return so you can describe the trail and scenes! Enjoy your hiking this weekend. 😉

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