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Heart on my sleeve

Well, that might have been Andy’s take. I don’t know. It was one of my buddies thoughts immediately when I showed him. But when Andy, the artist, told me about the idea I was like damn dude, yes! We are in the process of working on my left arm piece right now. I wanted patterns roughly related to the kind of work I’ve done all my life. And, true to form, my artist is making that happen.

The heart today. Well, that, like the tree on my right arm tells an ancillary, and originally unintended, story. More of a correlation. One of life’s “coincidences.” The base of the tree I have on my right arm is where the stent went in that saved my life over four years ago now. The heart on my left arm, to me anyway, represents the fact that I had a widowmaker heart attack. Centered on the left side of a person’s heart. Yeah, I also wear my heart on my sleeve for sure so that metaphor also applies, but I can’t deny the patterns that life repeats back at us in unexpected ways at times. At times, through other peoples eyes.

I give my tattoo artist ideas & stories only. I’m not gifted with visual design. Thankfully, he is. I’m also not looking for something so specific as an Ohio tattoo or a Tazmanian Devil. Not that those are bad, it’s just not what I want. I’d much rather have work on my body that might be inspired by a flowing conversation between two people. Hence my appreciation for the heart I now have in my left tricep, near my armpit. Which, in a potentially weird man-smelly way that he purportedly shared with me, also reminds me of Henry David Thoreau. He’s been on my mind all summer. Possibly on my calf forever in the near future. Someone whom I believe embraced counter-culture from within the urban culture of Concord itself. pulling everyone around him along the axis of his amazing family’s efforts, not just his own, in the process. Just like my aunt Lora said that we can’t change the world, but we can talk with and appreciate our neighbors as equals. That’s the change we all have the power to affect.

But yeah, tonight. I have one more piece of work that is already reminding me of why I am doing all this in the first place. Finding my story and a way to tell it over time.

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  1. Andy Johnson Andy Johnson

    I always enjoy hearing about your journeys. Thank you ford sharing!

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