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Grackles in Dallas

I recently unearthed an audio track off of my Tascam recorder which we found in a box left over from our Dallas move. It was an evening where Eddie I walked out specifically to catch the sounds of these birds. You see, Texas is a migration lane for grackles. It’s almost like stepping into a scene from the Hitchcock film “The Birds.” Any minute you expect to see Tippi Hedren absent-mindedly puffing away on a cigarette.

Anyway, the mp3 file is a few minutes worth of the bird chatter on a Fall night in 2013 on Akkard St in downtown Dallas near the T Boone Pickens YMCA on the verge of the Arts District.

The picture is of One Elm Place while it was still partially occupied in 2008. Shortly thereafter it became the largest derelict building in Downtown Dallas.

Together it sort of adds to our romantic view of a downtown that was in the process of reinventing itself.


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