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The weekend was planned out loosely and packed with really cool stuff to do in Washington DC for the Pride March. That’s what they remained though, unrealized plans. Life presented itself with a deeply personal issue that caused me to make a decision to stay home to address that rather than leave it untended. I was disappointed, yes, but seeing all my buddies pictures in DC made me feel bolstered that I had made the right decision and that I was represented by some great folks at the same time.

Last night’s meditation reminded me of coping with my tendency to want to manage the moment instead of letting things go however. Especially the part about meeting each moment as if it were “invited.” We could all do better during our various day-to-day interactions by turning a more welcoming gaze to the 100’s of things that come our way seemingly at random sometimes. It’s part of life. It’s also why I’m working as hard as I can to change how I view things. Not as long term but scoped to today, right now, this choice and so on. This is no easy task for anyone to do either.

So now it’s onto planning for Seattle & Portland for a visit with friends, then Orlando for the Microsoft Ignite Conference and possibly Italy, if we can swing it, in mid Autumn with Eddie to wrap up what will hopefully be an amazing year.

There I go again though… actually, it already has been an amazing year… tomorrow will just be another gift to realize upon the giving.


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