February… from the rear view mirror

While I did better this year than I did last year Winter always sucks the air out of me. It’s like I know it’s coming and I keep busy, line up cool projects, listen to great music and connect with awesome people but there’s always that emptiness in the dark parts of the months. I’m happy that my schedule included more weight lifting and a return to protein powders, amino acids and ZMA but my running routing took a hit. Less because of the added weight training and more because of the emotional imbalance. The funny part about that is that it’s running that really helps me to keep on the positive side of feelings when I’m running 10 to 15 miles a week than not. And with another long race coming up at the end of May it’s time to refocus on that goal. But hey, that’s why I signed up i the first place. Challenge or not, it’s a target to hit.

So here’s to running shoes and March.


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