Family night

So, my Dinner Party Prep paid off big time. Eddie and I had the pleasure of enjoying the company of my cousin and her girlfriend tonight over a big heaping pile of my very first crab boil and, thanks to advice from my mom, peach cobbler. The peaches, corn and redskin potatoes were all fresh from this past weekend’s haul from the Clintonville Farmers Market. They also served as the inspiration for tonight’s menu when I was Googling “what to do with this big pile of vegetables” on Sunday.

Everything turned out pretty damn good. Of course, over the years, Eddie and I have thrown many many parties. Yet there are nights like tonight that give me a fresh take on what it means to actually be physically and emotionally present with your tribe. I guess you could say, one of my favorite things about life is the simple act of sharing a family meal together now and then. It makes all the difference in the world actually.

Next up? A weekend full of hammock camping, time by the pool and some Jet Boil Ramen experimentation with any luck!

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