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Fall 2019 outdoors plan

Last updated on December 14, 2019

Update 12/14/2019: So this whole entire plan, with the exception of Thanksgiving got derailed. Life got in the way and I simply lost focus. I will, however, be rolling these into the first part of 2020 along with some other goals. I have a whole Trello board populated with some personal work items I hope to realize over the next twelve-month period not all related to hiking either. And, as I oftentimes say when I find myself in this situation. Onward!

Summer is gone, there’s no denying it with the cool air at night, leaf colors shifting and the smell of pumpkin everything all around town now. While I had a fantastic summer hiking and car camping season, I have put together a list of Fall hikes that will take me all the way up to the butt crack of winter.

Additionally, I got a brand-new GPS device, a map and GPS class scheduled, a (currently) clean bill of health from the cardiologist and a personal trainer hired to go through the motions of getting back into strength training that I will need in 2020 where I have some more serious hiking goals mapped out already. Including some back in the Smokies, Virginia and, luck permitting, in California and Washington States.

So, without further ado, here’s the current list. And as I’ve said before, onward!

Tar HollowOHSat-Sun17TBDLink
Zaleski State ForestOHSat-Sun13TBDLink
Wildcat HollowOHSat-Sun16.5TBD

Lake Hope Cabin Thanksgiving
Oil Creek Gerard TrailPASat-Sun12.2TBD
Hoosier National ForestINSat-Sun12.4TBD
Mohican State ForestOHFri-Sat24TBD
Shawnee State ForestOHSat-Sun18.1TBD

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
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