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End of the Road

I’ve run this blog for well over a decade. It’s been a sounding board, journal, testbed, and a way for me to work through some key moments in life. The Pandemic, economic crisis, and life under quarantine has taught me is that I need to refocus on what is truly important. As such, I plan to archive this site in a short while, possibly repurpose the URL or get a new one and build out a new website focused on, well, much of the same stuff but with more of a focus on projects (both technical and around the homestead), backpacking, and hiking, camping and travel logs.

I feel bad that it took some moral indignation that caused me to break off a friendship to get here. I even reached out to my best friend in Portland Oregon for some validation that I was not being too harsh. Of course, that’s a matter of opinion. The other half of that was I have been experiencing what I imagine all of us are to a degree from time to time. Depression. Deeper than I’ve ever faced. I got help for that however as opposed to flailing outwards on social media and through my phone screen of late. It was nice to have the immediate support but, what I realized finally was, that I needed to embrace how I was feeling and then take some steps to get better on my own. It’s the immediate absence of my co-workers, my old routine, my former understanding of the world at large which is now radically different in ways that only my grandparents and great grandparents ever experienced. Certainly not the boomers, Gen-Xers, Gen Y, or Z folks out there. This is new to all of us.

We are going to be faced with choices. Redefine. Rebuild. Change. And so on. My first steps, well, I’ve already mentioned those. My next steps are going to be a process. I just wanted to give this site a proper send-off now after having had time to make some plans. Thank you, whoever you are, for having visited and commented in the past. Again, I will archive the information contained here instead of deleting it so, for what it’s worth, the old stuff will still hang around in some format or another.

Until next time. Best of luck. Stay well. Get help if you need it. Keep others safe and try to help your neighbors out.

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