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Cucumber & tomato salad

It was too pretty out last night not to go for a bike ride down by the river. Cloudy, slightly windy, and almost chilly for June. Upon arriving back at the loft, I started to pack for another outdoor trip. Being Monday night, it might imply that I’m already excited to head out again.

Given that it was closing in on 8 pm I started to think about dinner and remembered I had this awesome fresh tomato and cucumber, both Ohio grown. You can immediately tell the difference once you slice open a freshly grown tomato from one that you pick up at the grocery store. The one from the farm smells like a tomato should, Rich, sweet, inviting and fresh. The ones from the store typically don’t emit any form of aroma until you cook them, with other things. Sort of like a negative entity in my book. Just not there in spirit.

So I set out to make myself a cucumber and tomato salad with ground pepper, a tiny bit of Kosher salt and some fat-free balsamic vinaigrette. I gotta say, it was light, filling, packed a lot of flavors and no guilt that close to 10 pm. I usually make this with red onions but, given the strong flavors from the ingredients, I didn’t miss the onion at all.

Dinner while doing some tent research
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