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Chicken & Waffles

Last updated on January 12, 2014

I’ve been living in Texas for five years this July. One of the things I love most is, well, food. When I first moved to Texas I was faced with an obvious problem. Having grown up as a child of the suburbs in a fast food test market of Ohio some things are surprisingly regional. For example, I was hungry for Wor Su Gai one night and could not find it anywhere in the City of Dallas. As it turns out Wor Su Gai is a North American Asian restaurant dish. Basically it’s fried chicken with almonds and gravy over rice and lettuceā€¦ and totally delicious.

Anyway, I’ve been exploring Oak Cliff Texas and have found some really great places in the area surrounding the Bishops Art District. On the way to Urban Acres yesterday I stopped for brunch at Oddfellows. I was feeling adventurous and ordered the chicken and waffles. I don’t think I’ve had fried chicken as fried chicken since my grandmother would have the family over on Sundays for dinner when I was a boy. I have to say it was amazing. This particular dish was served with whipped butter and berries for the lightly sugar powdered waffles. The chicken was a beautiful golden brown which went well with the white gravy and maple syrup from the waffles.

Interestingly enough the waiter mentioned that the history of the dish is actually of California origins. This peaked my interest so I looked at a single source (blog post not a research paper here). A Wikipedia page “Chicken and Waffles” covers four versions of the dish. Starting with a Pennsylvania Dutch waffles topped with shredded chicken, to a waffle iron scored by Thomas Jefferson from France and then ending with a Soul Food line from African American History. Whatever the origin it was a great off diet dish. Makes me wonder what is next on the menu.

Chicken & Waffles

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