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Feeling stronger day by day: 24 hours via snapshots

This is mainly going to be a picture story. I spent the past 9 months, mostly, in an emotional prison. Today was one of those days that, while alone again, I felt free of that mental burden. I’m getting fit again day by day through a slow but steady activity/workout progression. I’m showering and doing self-care again on a more regular basis, I mean, let’s face it, showers and pants are so 2019 during a pandemic to quote the NY Times. Today felt like, well, a change of seasons for me. More so than the equinox at my campfire recently. Home is where the heart is. Mine? Well, it has two hearts. Maybe five including the cats. Of course, I am that split person now that needs to not be at home as it increasingly feels claustrophobic for me, but, I’m a damn lucky person to have this as my shared space with my human and animal companions.

Moved the ferns into the house as the temps are dropping quickly here in Ohio.
Eddie’s enormous bay plant and my peace Lilly in the kitchen
Our insane asparagus fern which sprouted berries this year all through summer and doubled in size
My COVID mohawk, and, well, working from home life while not on-camera… plus, self-care on the grooming side
My reading nook – cat box safe space to the right
My weekly farm share from Yellowbird, beets!!!!
Those moments where I have a meeting and have to hoodie up, plus, it was cold this afternoon. The struggle is real for us naturist types. Hashtag #AnorakTheAllKnowing (less the all-knowing part).
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  1. Jorge Rodriguez Sanabria Jorge Rodriguez Sanabria

    Love your house and that beautiful fern. I also like to write but did not occur to me to do itte about Covid and our shelter in in San Francisco. I have been writing to frienfs and calling those ones I have not talk for a while. I am also helping two friends with memory loss. I also help inmigrants with legal matters, Cooking and baking are my passion as well as books, The NY Times, The UK Guardian and the Spanish press. Ah and foreighn cinema. Wonder from where I get all the energy and wake up postive……….you and I met at AP Best regards,,,

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