Writing this the day before I leave for Portland Oregon as Doug and I make final preparations to start our Olympic Mountain hike on Monday. While packing today, I thought about all the trips I’ve had with this gear. The hiking, campsite cooking, campfires, sleeping in either my tent or my hammock, the sounds of the forest and streams. Crickets and turkey sounds.

Doug and I will be sharing a tent and taking only duplications that are for safety so my pack gear for this trip is a little skewed. I am taking more than I will probably head out with on Monday. I’m on the fence about the extra tarp I am bringing for impromptu rain shelter. My Big Agnes air mattress – I like it but it’s a little heavier than I prefer and I sleep well enough on the bedroll. But things like my solar panel and my battery? Must have. Camp lantern? Skip. Knife? Take.

To be honest. I am nervous about the difficulty of the Hoh Lake Trail. Climbing 33 switchbacks up 6000 feet over 6 miles. That’s going to be extremely challenging. Dealing with my fear of bears and then seeing all sorts of wildlife that is alien to the Midwest. I guess that’s what makes an adventure, an adventure.

Deep breath. Trust my path. Keep moving. Be grateful for every mile.

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