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Books, coffee & fresh vegetables

I bought a Kindle copy of “No Recipe” by Edward Espe Brown last night before shutting down for the day. I guess I was sort of inspired by my trip to the farmers market and another book I am reading titled “Zen in¬†the Age of Anxiety.” I was reading the second book yesterday morning at an old favorite restaurant of Eddie’s and mine called “TheWildflowerr¬†Cafe” in Clintonville. This whole meditation and mindfulness thing I am pursuing right now is interesting. What I did not expect in the Zen book was the idea that there would be a time when mediation actually became onerous. Not enjoyable. That’s when a light went on in my head. You see, my practice faltered and stopped pretty much a few months back. I’ve beat myself up numerous times over that fact too. What I read kind of helped me to recalibrate my thinking on what it means to actually practice meditation. Like for the long haul.

That aside, I got some really great produce at the market. I may not be ready to forego recipes just yet, but who knows, maybe a series of “chef” meals are in our future once I read the new book?

What I’m sort of planning this week are the following:

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