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Back on the bike

It’s been about 10 years since my Clintonville 13 mile bike commuting days to and from work. I had a Specialized Rockhopper back then. Great bike with shocks and amazing gear shifters for an entry level starter. Of course I gave that to my cousin who was bike commuting a couple years back as hers was stolen.

It was good because while the mountain bike frame was fine for rolling out of a ground level house, it was kind of a pain carrying it two stories down from my urban loft. I remembered my tattoo artist telling me about a shop on Long Street though where they rebuild bikes from scrap parts. So I picked this awesome little aluminum framed rig up recently. Oddly enough on the week that the shop closed actually as there is a development going into that block.

My new ride

It’s lightweight, funky functional, and a joy to ride even the 1+ mile back and forth from work, the grocery store or just for a quick ride down by the Scioto Mile after dinner.

I didn’t realize how much I missed riding I suppose. It’s also nice to now live in a version of Columbus that is finally embracing bike lanes like Portland Oregon uses. Now if only we could get the suburban set to stop driving in the bike lanes!

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