Author: Jeff Breece

On burning 30 years worth of journals at the end of summer

Summer is drawing to a close and, looking back, this was a great big one personally. I shifted from hiking during the June, July & August for the most part in favor of going car camping and meeting up with

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Annual heart checkup plus some personal notes

This post is about how I’ve managed my CAD, the information I have taken in from my Dr’s, trial and error, plus a status of where I’m at four and a half years later. So, I had my annual cardiologist

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How to blog about what you do without breaking a sweat

So, you want to document your professional journey? Maybe you feel like giving back and want to share some of what you learned on a project while consulting for a client or what you and your team did on a

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Where is wild?

Finished my Thoreau research last night. Well, really, it was comprised of reading some of his works again along with a critical biography of the man, his times and the people who knew him. I really enjoyed how the biographer

3 things I’ve learned this summer & 1 more

I woke up this morning, made coffee, fed the beasts and read an article about a guy from Knoxville who died of a heart attack while hiking in the smokies. That’s a thought that is always with me now just

Daikon, kale & Swiss Chard gratin

Having just arrived back home from, most of the week in Cleveland on-site at our client and a quick camping overnight from Friday to Saturday on the way back to Columbus, I was in the mood to cook something homey.

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Outdoors all around

I had a chance to go camping last weekend in Indiana with a group of guys I know, some whom I met for the first time. Funny though, I’m on a work trip now and I just got back from

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Kale & beet salad with white beans

We got some really great beets in our Yellow Bird box last week. A medium-sized red one and a giant golden beet. I had a couple bunches of kale and some fresh onions handy so I set to carmelize one

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Heart on my sleeve

Well, that might have been Andy’s take. I don’t know. It was one of my buddies thoughts immediately when I showed him. But when Andy, the artist, told me about the idea I was like damn dude, yes! We are

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What a section hike of the AT taught me about myself

Heaving, sweat saturating the entire surface area of my body, boots, socks, underwear, pants, shirt, and hat, with a sheen on my arms, neck, and face I was struggling with the whole Yoda thing. “Try not, only do.” I was

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