While I still have my bad workout weeks I have decided to sign up for the Columbus full marathon this Fall. All these runs have a way of putting anchors along my path which remind me to eat right and, sleep well and exercise along a plan. As an added bonus however I’m really enjoying it and meeting a ton of good people along the way. So… here’s to doing something I never thought I’d do along the lines of 26.2 miles.


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  1. Jennifer in South Carolina says:

    Hey! I’m a 46-year-old with an LAD stent in Columbia, SC. I’m about 6 weeks out. Very happy to see your blog, because I’m looking for others interested in resuming/starting a rigorous exercise/action plan after a heart event. I’m so happy to see you out there, doing it and rocking it out! Are you on beta blockers? Blood thinners? I didn’t have a MI, thank God, but it was getting dangerously close.

    • Jeff Breece says:


      Glad to hear you didn’t have an MI and that you are aggressively pushing back with the help of your doctor.

      I am on both beta blockers and a statin but not blood thinners anymore since I have passed the 12 month period after stent installation in my LAD. They told me this is the “gold standard” for folks like us. I’ve also added Kyolic, Vitamin D3, GABA and a heart centered multivitamin to my routine along with going fully vegetarian. So far my blood pressure and cholesterol are beyond great and I feel fantastic. Running has been incredible. I’m going to enjoy it for as long as I can and rack up as many races as I can.

      Thanks for your comment. Good luck to you and never give up!

      • Jennifer in South Carolina says:

        Thanks for the quick response! Just so very happy to now have a peer to talk to who gets all this. (Aren’t you glad you wrote a blog, so pesky people like me can pelt you with questions? :)) I do the D3, but I had to google GABA and Kyolic. Looks like GABA is affiliated with neurotransmitters? (I’m curious about this, because after the heart stuff, I had a DNA test and found that I may have some issues with neurotrasmitters/dopamine, too.) Right now I’m struggling more with the side effects of the meds than anything else. Pretty sure the statins are making my muscles unhappy. Do you find the beta blockers make it a little harder to get your heart rate up enough to drop pounds during workouts? I’m considering going fully vegetarian but haven’t made the leap quite yet. I had done a few 5Ks and an OCR before the heart scare and want to get back to it ASAP. Grateful for your inspiration!

  2. Jeff Breece says:

    You aren’t pesky, it’s a pleasure to share stories with other folks in similar waters as myself.

    So I take GABA for anxiety occasionally. I’ve been fortunate that I don’t have a severe issue with that. As far as side effects go though… of course share that with your Dr and he or she can react to give you the best quality of life while making sure your risk reduction bases are still covered. My experience with Beta Blockers has been really good though between those and running my resting heart rate can dip as low as 46 bpm. That said I can rev up to around 190 if I am really working out full blast so I think your chances are still really good with your training goals. Thanks for your comments and after talking with your Dr, buy a new pair of running shoes and sign up for a 5k. You will do fantastic I’m sure. Good luck!

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