Month: October 2016

The next goal

The 2016 Columbus marathon has come and gone. While my failure to hit the first goal still stings a little, it was great to go down this time and cheer my friends and fellow runners onward. With Summer, my ankle

Two Ernies

I know two straight guys named Ernie. One is my dad and one is a friend of mine from High School. Both of whom I owe a debt of emotional gratitude. I knew I was not like other boys at an

On the business value of cheer leading

I once worked in a shop that had stagnated so badly there were attitude problems to be found in every corner. Even the executives joked about the dangers of crossing between the IT department to “the coven in accounting.” The funny thing is

A measure of his worth

I read one of Dr Ornish’s books last year when I was doing a lot of research on how to manage heart disease. One of the interesting facts about this condition is that it comes with built in risk factors above