2015 Cookbook Reading List

Since April I’ve been re-calibrating nearly every aspect of my life. A big part of this has been centered in the kitchen. This post documents my recent stack of increasingly annotated, and stained, books. All five are in frequent rotation now that I’m enjoying a low fat plant based diet.

“Vegetable Literacy” was a gift from my buddy in Portland. It’s beautifully illustrated and has a wealth of wonderfully fine recipes. I use this one a lot when I’m either experimenting with a great haul from the farmers market or when throwing a dinner party. The one by America’s Test Kitchen is, however, my new “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” It’s like a cheaters guide to great vegetarian food. Another one that lines up perfectly with all that I’ve learned has been Chef Del’s book. It’s beautifully documented and an excellent guide on how to make delicious low fat vegan fare at home.

A couple others include Brendan Brazier & Matt Frazier’s books, “Thrive Energy Cookbook” and “No Meat Athlete” respectively. These are a little more sports and health centric versus culinary focused. I’ve found both are great go to’s for the moments when you find yourself caught up in the “I’m so busy” syndrome. They are both great time savers while “The No Meat Athlete” is additionally very informational regarding running.

So in good health, 2016 marathon goals and the production/consumption of delicious food in mind; I leave you with my Summer/Fall 2015 cookbook reading list.

Cookbooks 2015

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