Month: March 2014

Grackles in Dallas

I recently unearthed an audio track off of my Tascam recorder which we found in a box left over from our Dallas move. It was an evening where Eddie I walked out specifically to catch the sounds of these birds.

On stuff & storage

I recently noticed that I have a three foot tall stack of workout books which I collected, and yes used, in my early 30’s. That was the time period I had been recording how much I lifted, ate, walked, biked

Train Sounds

I love ambient street sounds. Listening to St Patrick’s Day in downtown Columbus yesterday reminded me of Dallas. Maybe it was the Church Bells and police sirens. Regardless, it’s what led me on a hunt for a short video I

Potage aux champignons, Île de France

Mushrooms remind me of a school teacher and her husband whom I used to work for in Cincinnati during the mid 1990’s. Together they assembled a distinct fine wine and craft beer portfolio which added greater variety to the food

Conversation 11/24/2013

Two points during a great conversation with very dear friends at a French restaurant in The Bishops Art’s District this afternoon. “Do you think everyone has the capacity for creativity?” Next an observation related to the more abstract idea of

Cure for Manflu

One of the most inconvenient things in life has to be a man with a head cold. One of the best cures when this unfortunate event occurs is a couch, a blanket, and chicken noodle soup. I adapted my earlier recipe


“Syzygy” is a word I came across while thinking about this post over the past three months. Webster’s defines it as “the nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies (as the sun, moon, and earth during a solar or lunar