Month: February 2013

Coffee Upgrade

I used to know a couple, Mike & Carla, who would make this amazing coffee in an old glass pot with a wooden handle. We’d talk about wine, the world, growing herbs and food while enjoying our cups of black

Chowder for February

One of the things I will always enjoy about newspapers is, invariably, the food section. In this weekends New York Times I came across an article titled “Such a Chowder” by Sam Sifton. Of course it’s nostalgic take on neighborhood

Theobroma cacao

While growing up my family would all have Sunday dinner with my grandparents in a little Ohio town called La Rue. Grandma would make these amazing pastries. When in season she’d make fresh (homegrown) blackberry pie which, to this day,


I picked up a fresh batch of peppers yesterday. Which promptly turned into lunch for the next two days ala ground turkey and black bean chili with mixed peppers.

Butternut Squash Soup

Super Bowl Sunday dinner option … butternut squash soup with toasted bread and a salad. Squash soup is another one of those transportive dishes that reminds me of camping in Southern Ohio with friends a few years ago for Halloween.

Brunch Casserole

My mom used to make a “brunch casserole” at Christmas time that was out of this world good. It was one of those egg custards with sausage over white bread topped with American cheese deals. I came across the recipe